• BarClamp  Q6

    Handlebar Mount for Phone Case

    BarClamp, a quick-release mount for phones, is sold with a range of compatible Ibera cases.
    It is size-adjustable to fit most handlebars (22.2–31.8mm).

    Handlebar Mount with MiniBar

    Carry a phone on handlebars, and bike
    accessories on the Minibar.

    • Spring-loaded mount

    Minibar mounting options: Headlight, bike computer, bell etc. (not supplied).

    Compatible Cases: IB-PB12, IB-PB13, IB-PB15, IB-PB17, IB-PB19, IB-PB20, IB-PB21,

    IB-PB22, IB-PB23, IB-PB24, IB-PB25.

    *Users have option to detach Minibar.

  • bar-clamp-handle-bar-bag-ibera-qh1

    Handlebar Bag Mount (QH1)

    Size adjustable clamp with stem brace fits most handlebars (22.2 – 31.8 mm)
    Compatible Bags: IB-HB3,IB-HB4, IB-HB5, IB-HB8, IB-HB9.


  • bag-clamp-seat-bag-ibera-qs1

    Seat Bag Mount (QS1)
    Compatible Bags: IB-SB7, IB-SB8 (M), IB-SB8 (L), IB-SB12.


  • Protect and carry a 20″–700 C wheel-size bike.

    • Internal front wheel sleeve
    • Shoulder strap

    With handlebar-attachable carry bag, Water resistant
    420D nylon.

    Size unfolded: L: 153 cm (60″), H: 110 cm (43.3″).
    Size folded: L: 28 cm (11″), H: 9 cm (3.5″)

    Weight: 723 g

    Carry limit: 15 kg.

  • Vertical mounting / Single bike.

    Suitable for 20″–29″ wheels

    Supplied with stick-on

    wall protector. [18 kg weight limit.]

    Colours: White and Black



    Ultralight, portable bike stand. For 26″ and 700 C wheels.


    • Ultralight
    • Carbon fibre
    • Portable
    • Adjustable length
    • Handy carry bag

    69 g (+ parts 24 g)
    Carry bag 79 g

  • Lightweight, portable bike stand. For 26″ and 700 C wheels.

    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Adjustable length


    108 g (+ parts 24 g)

  • easy-utitlity-stand-ibera-st2

    Fully-adjustable, foldable stand for maintenance, parking or display.

    • Adjustable height
    • 3-way micro-adjustment
    • Foldable for easy carriage or storage
    • Suitable for most bikes
    • Durable steel construction

    The Easy Utility Stand supports a bike by the chainstays so unlike
    similar looking stands, there is no fiddling around trying to mount a
    bike with quick releases. This economical, easy-to-use stand holds
    a bike steady with the rear wheel off the ground. Great for the home
    mechanic for adjusting drive train or brakes, cleaning and other jobs.
    Ideal too for parking or storing your bike. And if you are a bike
    professional, use it to display a bike in a store or at an exhibition.
    The Easy Utility Stand is compact when folded, and lightweight,
    it is ready to go with you when you need it.

    For 20–29” wheels. Durable steel and nylon, with rubber-covered
    chainstay mounts. Supplied with rubber holding rings.
    [15 kg weight limit.]


    725 g


    Compatible Bags: IB-BA11, IB-BA18.

  • Clip-on handlebar bag for camera equipment or other gear.

    ●Quick release mount

    ●Clear map sleeve

    Rain Cover Options: IB-RC5